With close interaction with business practice in Wenzhou, School of Business currently offers 6 key and specialized undergraduate programs (Economics, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Business Management, Marketing, and Financial Management) and 1 provincial key master by research program (Socialist Market Economy Theory and Practice).

Undergraduate programs:


The Economics program aims to develop high-quality practical talents with a good understanding of economic theories and economic analysis abilities. With these knowledges and skills, the graduates of this program can seek job opportunities bank, stock trading, insurance company and other enterprises and institutions engaging in economic management, economic analysis and research.

Main course: Political economy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public finance, Monetary Economics and Banking, International economics, Industrial economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Regional economics, science and other investment securities.

International Economics and Trade

The program of International Economic and Trade has close close integration with the active foreign trade practice in Wenzhou. The program devotes to provide students with systematical knowledge of economic principles and theories of international economy and trade, as well as internship in companies with partnership with the school to develop their practical skills. With knowledges in international trade rules and practices, graduates of this program could engage in foreign trade practical business and management.

Main course:Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, World Economic, International trade theory, International trade practice, International finance, International trade practice.


The program of Finance is committed to provide the talents with a good understanding of financial theory and the skill of practical operation. The graduates of this program could be qualified with jobs like finance, invest, venture management, insurance, super management and other financial institutions and various enterprises and institutions.

Main course: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and Banking, International finance, Accounting, Insurance, Financial economics, Commercial banks and practice, insurance investment, Futures and options, Financial econometrics, Corporate finance, Risk management, Fixed-income securities.

Business administration

The strength of the program of Business administration is its close integration with Wenzhou regional economy and business practice, as well as the spirit of entrepreneurship of Wenzhou business man. The students of this program are featured with ability of high-level management professions with solid market economy theory and modern humanities, business decision-making and operations. The graduates are a strong entrepreneurial innovation and leadership potential, and are able to adapt to social and economic development needs.

Main course:Management, Organizational behavior, Corporate strategic management, Human resource management, Production operations management, Financial management, Marketing, Business management simulation series of comprehensive training, Comprehensive training and other business simulation


The mission of this program is to provide students with profound abilities in both theoretical and practical marketing professions. The students are trained to be familiar with marketing and business management theory, as well as strong in business planning, market analysis, business consulting, business operations and management. The graduats are expected to engage in busisness planning and management practice in enterprises or institutions.

Main course: Management, Marketing, Market research, Business planning principles, Brand planning, Marketing planning, Advertising planning, Design and management.

Financial management

The graduates of this program are provided with solid knowledge in accounting and financial, as well as practical accounting skills and capabilities. After four years of learning and practice in this program, they are expected to be professional in qualitative and quantitative analysis of financial management, with the ability of financing, investment analysis and financial control. The graduates can be engaged in accounting or financial management in enterprises, banks, insurance companies, government departments, etc.

Main course:Economics, Principles of management, Basic accounting, Financial management, Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Management accounting, Auditing, Economic law, Tax law, Accounting by Electronic Data Processing