Visit to alumni Enterprises

In the afternoon of December 4th, 2015, general Party branch secretary Cailian Zheng, together with Professor Zhang Yili, Bai Yanhu and two master students paid a visit to Zhejiang Keneng Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to visit the school outstanding alumni Ye Jianmiao, who is the general manager of the company. General manager Ye expressed warm welcome to the the arrival of the visit team. He showed the teachers and students of his company to give them a better understanding of the company's development process.

Zhejiang Keneng Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is a professional company which engaged in consulting system, cleaner production audit, review of safety production standardization, and energy assessment advisory. Since its foundation, it has provided been advisory services to more than 3000 companies in around 20 industries. The certification of the advisory services was one of the most professional consulting service company in Wenzhou as well as among the best in Zhejiang Province. The company employed 6 postgraduate qualifications holders, as well as 2 interns from Wenzhou University.

After the visit, Ye and his staff launched a cordial conversation to the teachers and students. Firslty, Ye expressed a warm welcome to the school teacher's visit to his company. He also expressed his concern and care, as well as deep blessing to his university. Then him talked about the deep emotion towards the university, his learning life and the support he received from the university.  At last, Ye introduced the development status and prospects of the company since the start of the venture, and discussed the relevant issues with the teachers and students. Then Professor Zhang Yili also recall the past when he was the class monitor of the 1992 class. He confirmed the efforts and contributions of alumni have made to the development of society and economy. He also raised the agenda of establishing Alumni of School of Business. Finally, Secretary Cai Lian Zheng proposed programs of inviting college alumni back to school to carry out lectures, establishing "alumni" orgnizations as well as the detailed advice of organizational structure, calling a common visit from outstanding alumni.

This visit aims to actively strengthen the communications and dialogue between the school and alumni, and actively explore the relevant employment opportunities for our graduates. This visit provides new ideas for the school’s education and teaching work, builds an interactive platform for alumni and the current studies. It also provides actual cases, employment information, employment opportunities for the students in School of Business.