Entrepreneurs into classroom activities of School of Business, Wenzhou University

On November 25, 2015, School of Business, Wenzhou University carried out "entrepreneurs into the classroom” activities. The school had the honor to invited Ms Xu Xiaoting from Jindian Tax Partner campany gave a entrepreneurship training seminar for the students. She shared her experiences on entrepreneurial guidance related to company registration, business law, intellectual property protection and tax planning, etc for students. This lecture hosted by Dr. Yu Xiangqian.

First of all, Ms Xu specifically analyzed the different views on the trend of College Students' Entrepreneurship of the society. Then she listed the advantages and disadvantages of the university students' innovative. She argued that algthough there is risk for entrepreneurial, but it is good to positively respond to the “ public entrepreneurship and innovation” policy for it is the "double engines" of economic development. After that, with the help of cases, Ms Xu explained the business start-up matters and the essentials of financial and taxation, which solved the entrepreneurs to finance and tax confusion. In addition, Ms Xu told the students to abide by the laws and regulations of entrepreneurship, reasonable tax avoidance but tax evasion is strictly prohibited. Apart from that, Ms Xu introduced the government's support policies for college students’ entrepreneurship. The lecture gave the students a better understanding on the current trend of university students’ entrepreneurship and company registration, cancellation and other basic processes.